stampede rodeo officials and appearances


Tyson Pietsch - Rodeo Announcer

Tyson Pietsch knew from an early age that he wanted to be a Rodeo Announcer.  While attending Mount Royal College (studying Broadcasting) he participated in Bull riding practices and soon realized he was better at talking about the event then actually doing it! After college he moved back to the family farm and with the encouragement of Stock Contractor/Bronc rider (and future father in law) John Duffy he embarked on his rodeo announcing career! 
Starting at 4 H achievement days, Team Roping Jackpots, Old-timer Rodeos, College Rodeos and working his way up to Professional Events, he has loved every moment.  27 years later Tyson has been heard announcing Hockey, Baseball, Football, Curling, Figure Skating, Chuckwagons and Motorsports, but always comes back to his first love - Rodeo !
Tyson still lives on his family farm with his wife of 23 years and 4 children in the Buck Lake Alberta area. He enjoys traveling with his family to rodeos throughout Alberta and BC. Tyson and his family love coming out to Williams Lake and camping for Stampede week. Tyson has been "the Voice" of the Williams Lake Stampede for 11 years. 
Tyson keeps the audience informed about the events taking place inside, outside and all around the rodeo arena. A great rodeo announcer comes equipped with a sense of Humor and a wealth of knowledge to both entertain & inform rodeo fans who are veterans or 1st time rodeo attendees.


Jayson charters -  Barrelman and Clown

He's a spark plug! He never stops moving!

Those were the words of one enthralled fan after witnessing for the first time the outrageous antics of rodeo clown Jayson Charters.  

Indeed, Jayson's performances are something to behold.  All energy, excitement, and eccentricity rolled into one. A chaotic blend of athleticism and hilarity that has audiences young and old splitting their sides laughing and begging for more.

Jayson Charters is beginning his seventh season as a rodeo clown. He performs his routines like a seasoned veteran, and displays the timing and savvy of one who has spent a lifetime at his craft. Jayson himself knows he has at last found his true calling. "It's my destiny" , he says. "It's where I was always meant to be. Everything in my life has brought me to this point." 

Jayson Charters was born and raised in Merrit, BC and is a proud member of the Okanagan-Thompson Nation.  As the only First Nations rodeo clown in BC, Jayson is very proud of that distinction, as it is very much in demand.

"Clowning allows me to express myself and my love for people." says Jayson.  "I also get to demonstrate some of my talents, such as my sense of humor, my love of dancing, and my ability to be spontaneous and 'seize the moment' ".



Shelby pierson

Full Throttle Trick Riding

Shelby Pierson with special guest Piper Yule

Referred to as “one of the best acts going”, Shelby Pierson and Piper Yule offer an action-packed, high-intensity show like no other! With fast horses, dazzling costumes, and death-defying tricks, this is a show you don’t want to miss! Catch these ladies at this year’s 2019 Williams Lake Stampede!

Shelby is 19 years old and lives on a ranch outside of Wardlow, Alberta. For the past 11 years, she has brought her fast-paced and high-energy act all across Canada, the United States, and Australia. Shelby is a 3-Time Canadian Trick Riding Champion, an Australian Trick Riding Champion and in 2018 she was named the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Contract Act of the Year. Some of her highlight appearances include the Canadian Finals Rodeo, the Ponoka Stampede, the Armstrong IPE & Stampede, Snake River Stampede (Nampa, ID), and the St. Paul Rodeo (St. Paul, OR). Shelby is best known for her unique and quick style of vaulting which is recognized at rodeos across North America.


Piper Yule

She may be mini, but she is mighty! Piper Yule is 9 Years old and hails from Wardlow, Alberta. Piper performs her trick riding and roman riding acts at rodeos all across North America. Piper is a 3-Time Canadian Pewee Trick Riding Champion, a 2016 North American Trick Riding Pewee Champion, and was a part of the Canadian Finals Rising Stars Rodeo as a contract act. But don’t let her size fool you, she is a firecracker and can perform some of the sports toughest maneuvers!

Houston Gleeson -BullFighter


Greg Loring Jr -Bullfighter


Stock Contractor: C+ Rodeos | Sub-CONTRACTOR: John Duffy

Grand Entry and flag presentation: Wild West Riders