We treasure our valued volunteers - without the selfless help of those in our community our show would not go on. Volunteering at the Stampede Association helps contribute to our community, can assist your organization with team building, contributes to the sport and culture of rodeo, and increases your personal development.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

-Elizabeth Andrews

The Williams Lake Stampede is a year-round project, and volunteers have worked on every aspect, from directors to gate-keepers. In the weeks leading up to the Stampede there are ‘work bees’ on the grounds, where volunteers paint, sweep, clean, trim weeds, mow grass and move fences and corrals. Then, during the weekend of the rodeo, a couple hundred volunteers are needed throughout the site to make things run smoothly.  Every year more than 400 individuals and community groups help make our event weekend a success.  We see our event as a celebration of our community!

Why do Stampede volunteers turn out every year? We’ll let some of our volunteers explain: “We’ve made some of our best friends over the years of volunteering for the Stampede Association.” “We’re here to have fun.” It’s been that way since the show started back in 1926.

“There’s a good bunch of people who work here.” In fact, many of the volunteers have worked at their jobs 30 years or more, and 20-year veterans are common. Without these dedicated volunteers we wouldn’t have the successful rodeo we enjoy every year. The Williams Lake Stampede is truly the product of community spirit! Come join us!

Interested in helping out?  Send us an email - info@williamslakestampede.com or click on the button below to send us a request. We have the perfect volunteer fit for all kinds of schedules and commitments!