2009 Valued Volunteer

Debbie Westwick

Debbie Westwick

Every now and again in life you are lucky enough to meet someone who is exceptional at what they do, but it’s not always what they do that stands out, but how they do what they do that makes them so noticeable.

Debbie (Nieuwenhuizen) Westwick is a wonderful person, a resident of Williams Lake (the 2007 Citizen of the Year) that our community can take great pride in claiming. Born and raised in the Lake City, Debbie raised her two children here and for decades she has ‘given back’ to the community in so many ways.

Debbie is a very valued, long-time volunteer with the Williams Lake Stampede Association and many other civic groups. That barely awake person that turns on the coffee at the crack of dawn at the infield concession stand (and warms up the griddle)? Debbie! That smiling face you first see in the mornings when the counter window slides up? Debbie! The one who looks so unbelievably overheated (but still smiling) while the chicken strips are deep-frying in the mid-day heat at noon? Again, our – Debbie! The last person there in the evening, doing the final clean-up and setting up for the next morning? Yep, our Debbie! For four long, endless days in a row – Debbie!

You get the picture now, day in-day out, year in-year out, Debbie is one of our most loyal, hard working volunteers. She has shanghaied several members of her family (daughter, Annika and sister, Charlene Ratzinger are regulars) and friends into cooking and serving at the concession too. Deb’s hard to refuse because she works so darned hard herself; that you really want to help her out.

This entire event is totally run by volunteers – from the President down to the folks who clean the facilities – all lending their time and giving their energy to keep the Williams Lake Stampede running strong.

So a big Cariboo thank-you, to you – Debbie, and all the many volunteers, like yourself – who make Williams Lake such a fine place to live!

– Liz Twan