2012 Lifetime Member

Paddy & Fred Thomas

Paddy & Fred Thomas

In the past, whenever his name came up as a possible Lifetime Pass honouree, brought forward by others within the Williams Lake Stampede Association – Fred Thomas, as President flatly vetoed the nomination – insisting that other recipients be picked. This year, the directors by-passed the President, choosing to recognize Fred and his wife, Paddy Thomas as the 2012 Williams Lake Stampede Life Time Pass recipients – in honour of about 30 years of dedicated volunteerism by both.

Each has served as a director (Fred/longest- serving President/history of the association); unselfishly giving thousands of hours of their time (to the benefit of the association/city/community) – so, in spite of their personal preference for ‘flying under the radar’ it’s time to highlight (honour) that dedication.

What have they done? Oh, my gosh – there is simply not enough space here to even scratch the surface, the list is endless and they are far too modest to tell you all of it! Gaze upon the beautiful log announcers-stand/V.I.P. seating area. Fred pushed to have it approved and he (with many others) spent days and days ironing out the details, later contributing hours of physical labour to the construction of it. Anywhere it sports paint or varnish, Paddy had a hand (or brush) in that.

Over the years Paddy has painted, cleaned/scrubbed, cooked breakfasts, timed the rodeo, worked in the rodeo and grandstand (10 am–3pm daily/May to June), served on the Queen’s committee (co-ordinator/chaperone) – the list is as endless as the hours quietly contributed. 

Fred has fixed/repaired every structure/building on the grounds, plumbed, worked- cattle, weed-whacked, attended endless meetings and functions. A past Williams Lake -citizen of the year, CPRA -committee person-of-the-year (2006) he also represents professional rodeo in BC on the CPRA board. In his spare time he likes to golf (former President of the WL Golf & Tennis Club) and fish.

Thank you both for everything you’ve done!