Wild Horse Race

  • Wild Horse Race Williams Lake Stampede

In the Wild Horse Race, each rider will be allowed two helpers. Each team shall have it’s own saddle, halter and shank. The horses cannot be halter broke. They are haltered, then let out of the chutes by the rodeo management and after the sound of the horn the horse race has officially begun.

The idea is to saddle your horse and steer him across a finish line between two judges with a rider in the saddle.

Something that sounds so simple to do, but in reality rarely ever goes too smoothly. If only one team were in the arena at a time it certainly would be easier. But there are usually at least six to eight teams at the Williams Lake Stampede and they are all over the place.

The horses are not mistreated in any way but the race is often physically very hard on the bodies of the contestants. Come and see some action packed races at Williams Lake Stampede.