Saddle Bronc

  • Saddle Bronc Riding Williams Lake Stampede

Rhythm is the key in the Saddle Bronc event. The rider spurs from the animal’s neck in a full swing towards the back of the saddle in time with the bronc action. The cowboy must supply his own saddle which is uniform in design, together with braided rein, spurs with dull towels and chaps of light leather. The length of the rein is important.

The cowboy must adjust his grip carefully to maintain balance and avoid either being pulled over the front end or launched out of the saddle. To qualify, the rider must have his spurs over the break of the shoulders until the horse has completed his first jump out of the chute.

He will be disqualified for touching any part of the animal or equipment with his free hand, losing a stirrup or getting bucked off before the end of the eight second ride. A rider will gain points for reaching the full length of the arc with toes turned outward.