Cow Milking

  • Wild Cow Milking

Cow Milking
$1000 added, teams of three – $100 entry fee/ team = 4 performances – one each Fri- Mon.

One cowboy with a rope rides into a herd of cows, ropes one and ‘dallies up’. The ‘mugger’ (a partner on foot) runs down the rope and tries to ‘mug’ (subdue) the cow so that his third partner (also on foot) the ‘milker’  can milk it. The milk is squirted into an empty beer bottle, then team must remove the rope from the cow and the milker must race on foot to a finish line (under the announcer) with the rope and prove to the judges he actually has milk in his bottle. The first team back to the finish line (with milk and rope) within the time limit is the winner.

That is a simple explanation; the event itself is a graphic physical demonstration of how very easy it is, for absolutely everything to go wrong. The roper might rope a bull (rancher type folks know these have no milk) or a dry cow (same problem). Another roper might rope a mugger by mistake, or the mugger might simply get run over by an overeager roper who is not looking at the competitors afoot, or he might get run over by a cow that is slightly annoyed on the end of the rope. Sometimes the cow simply does not wish to give up any milk and can very easily give the mugger who is on the head end a very good teeth-rattling shake. This event very rarely ever is accomplished with the greatest of ease!

If you wish to participate as a Sponsor for Ranch Challenge, Mountain Race, Ranch Bronc Riding or Wild Cow Milking please contact Willie Crosina @ (250) 392-5910 or For info 250-398-8153.