2017 Stampede Poster

2017 Williams Lake Stampede Poster

2017 91st Williams Lake Stampede Poster
Presence and Power
Marlene Pegg & Laureen Caruthers

“Presence and Power” is the title of the artwork submitted by Marlene Pegg and Laureen Caruthers for the 2017 Williams Lake Stampede Poster Contest. The painting depicts C-Plus Rodeo bucking horse “Sunny”, as he stood in in the rodeo pen anticipating and awaiting his next turn in the arena where cowboy courage meets the raw unleashed power and presence of the untamed horse.

Marlene shares candidly, “I felt such an emotional connection to the horses’ spirit; the presence of confidence and the pride in his eyes having the body and strength to back up his assertions, and I knew I was in the company of a true champion.

I wanted to capture the image or power, heart and ability that he possessed. Fortunately, Laureen Cruthers, an amazing local photographer, had captured this action on film at the 2016 Williams Lake Ranch Challenge event, with one of our own working cowboys aboard, Brad Rymer.  This event lets the cowboy and ranchers showcase their talent and have a little competitive fun at the same time.

This painting pulls in many of the elements that make the Williams Lake Stampede a must see event. Living and loving the lifestyle of the western way of being, feed the burning passion in my soul as I pick up my pencils and brushes I get a chance to relive and experience vicariously the way of life that fills my heart with so much joy.”